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If you’re tired of searching for a sustainable and legitimate work at home opportunity in the freelance world and you keep coming up short, don’t despair! There is hope. The company I’m reviewing today is one of the most reputable global work at home platforms there is online for obtaining on-going work. The company has been in existence since 1999. Elance is a home employment website in which bidding takes place in order to obtain projects for payment.

Why Choose Elance?

This past year Elance experienced boundless growth with the staggering number of businesses looking to hire homeworkers. In retrospect, (and as stated on the Elance website), the contractors working within the company earned nearly a whopping 500 million dollars to date. That ‘s certainly extraordinarily impressive. Does this mean YOU should join their website? Not necessarily so. We’ll go into skill sets and experience a little later on down the review.

What I find impressive is that contractors can submit up to 15 proposals for work for FREE each and every month. Furthermore, contractors can be paid via Paypal. However, (and this is important to get across to Elance members) Payments have to go through the Elance system. For example; clients can fund their Elance account with Paypal and then pay contractors with their account balance. The major credit cards can also be used in this way.

Please Note:This is taken directly from the Elance website…, It is a violation of Elance terms to pay a contractor directly using PayPal

Payment for work is also guaranteed with Elance. However, please keep in mind that all work has to be done using the Elance system.

Elance Profiles

When joining Elance, you will definitely need to put forth some effort and take your time in filling out your profile for (both) clients and contractors. Your profile is your ticket to establishing success with Elance. If you are a contractor (for example), you will of course need to list any and all skills and qualifications. Your education needs to be addressed on your profile as well. You will also need a portfolio. A portfolio displays samples of your work (writing samples, graphic design screen shots, etc..) and is crucial to getting clients.

Bidding On Elance

For a successful bidding experience, your profile and portfolios must be top notch. Three of four samples of your work should be sufficient. All clients will look at your credentials when looking to hire. Your portfolio and profile is what will help you gain invites to bid on specific projects depending on your skills.

1. It’s important to bid on projects that match your skill sets for obvious reasons.

2. Also don’t make your bids on various projects too low that you will be wasting your time and not making the money to match your worth.

3. Make sure clients know you are an individual and not a corporation or organization so clients know upfront that your work is not outsourced.

Elance Work Room

This is where all messages are sent and all files are uploaded. It is also where your profile will be listed. The Elance work room is also the place where contractors can submit their proposals, as well as clients can post jobs.

Customer Service and Tutorial Support

The Elance website offers excellent customer support. The support system works around submitted requests/tickets. There is also email and chat support. With Elance help, there is also contractor guides, help on managing jobs, video tutorials and tours, and a helpful frequently asked questions section.

Examples Of Work Requested and Skills

The majority of work requested on Elance is tech website programming and mobile programming. And just to name a few close followers are marketing, article writing, and graphic designing. So if you were going to join Elance and request work, you would need the skills and experience for the type of work stated above. The specifics of skills, jobs, and earnings are conveniently disclosed on the Elance website is an excellent and totally legitimate website where contractors can find work as well as where clients can find professional freelancers

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