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The work at home life can be wonderful for most of the time, however I can assure you it’s not all a thornless bed of roses. I personally love the writing process, and you can really make a nice income from just writing alone. Although, of course you need clients for your writing business before you see profits.

Well, there are times you don’t have clients. What do I mean by clients? For a career in freelance writing, ghostwriting, article and blog writing, you absolutely need clients in order for you to begin to make money. Clients are website owners, blog owners, social media experts, and the list goes on, that need writing done for their business to keep on thriving and making them money.

Why don’t the website or blog owner do the writing? Well, there are times when they just don’t have the time or even the creativity to produce the content their businesses so desperately needs. Website and blog owners need good quality, consistent content to keep the traffic flowing as well as the cash flowing in.

This is where the freelance writer comes in, that is YOU if you are reading this article and wanting to make money writing. When home business owners don’t feel quite up to writing on a particular day, week; or whatever the case may be, they outsource for the written content. This is where YOU stand a chance at making that hard-earned money.

However, with a freelancing career there will definitely be times when you simply don’t have client work coming in. Well don’t despair, you can still make money writing even when you don’t have clients!

Content mills are nice to fill up your time and your wallet when you don’t have consistent client work. There are a lot of content mills out there on the net. However, I wanted to discuss a particular one today.

I’m referring to It’s a reputable article content website where clients and writers collaborate in business. Clients list their writing projects on the website and writers sign up to accept them and write for payment.

It’s an excellent and very user friendly system where you can write articles and get paid for it. How much you ask? The pay is actually low for some of the writing assignments. Yes, they call them assignments because that is exactly what they are. However, some call them orders. It’s basically the same thing.

I know, you’re asking “how can I make good money with a low paying content mill?” Well with TextBroker, you call the shots. The more you consistently write good quality written content and complete those assignments (and also get assigned a good rating for your articles), you get a certain number of classification. So it’s a good idea to get used to a good spell and grammar check program when writing for the TextBroker system. The higher you are classified, the more money you are allowed to make and cash out.

“How often can I cash out?” You cash out when your money earned reaches $10. They pay via Paypal once per week as long as you have $10 in your TextBroker account. It’s an awesome program where you can make an honest income.

“Is TextBroker International?” No, they are not, they only accept US residence. However, TextBroker has a sister website; International members can apply there.

With TextBroker, you are hired as an independent contractor. They don’t take out taxes nor any unemployment. You will be responsible for your own taxes.

“How can I make “more” money with TextBroker?” You can make more money by consistently writing good quality articles and also getting good ratings. When you consistently submit excellent work in a timely manner, your classification number goes up. Then you make more money.

You can accept one article at a time. Once each one is completed and submitted, you can automatically accept another one, and so on. You can start out as a newbie and be classified low, but still be able to make money. The classifications are 2 – 5, and the pay is by the word. The higher your classification number is; the more money you will earn per word.

Bonus: As an author, you are allowed to have writing samples in your profile. This means clients see these writing samples. And if they like what they read, you stand a chance at getting “direct orders” from them on a steady basis. This means more income for you.

TextBroker is an excellent and rather user friendly program to work with. Of course you make more by writing for regular clients. However, a program such as this one discussed takes up the slack of income when the client work is lacking. This is also a good site for newbie writers just starting out. It’s legitimate and pays on time every week.

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