Work At Home Opportunities For Retirees? Some EASY Money Makers & More!

Below you will find a lot of work at home opportunities information; read all the way through to the very end. I have opportunities available from paid surveys, customer service, paid to read emails, data entry, transcription, writing and more. I certainly hope you find something that’s a good fit for YOU!

At the end of this article, you will find a contact email if you have concerns or questions.

For some retirees, there simply isn’t a choice to either take a retirement or work from home job or quit working entirely. Due to the economy, there are quite a few seniors that still need some income flowing in order to make ends meet.

For the lucky ones that haven’t had to withdraw their “savings” or “nest egg,” they may be able to afford to retire comfortably and not have to worry about financial issues. However, this is indeed rare for the majority of the American population given the state that it’s in.

I’m pleased to inform you that there REALLY ARE various ways to make legitimate income from home. If you’re a retiree, you probably have a wealth of knowledge and more wisdom than you could shake a stick at. I certainly hope some of that knowledge includes being computer and Internet savvy. If you are retired, Internet savvy and you are reading this article, then it’s your lucky day!

If it’s your goal to be able to make money from home after retirement, keep reading; listed below are several work from home opportunities that are available online. A few of these are essentially easy! Yes, you read that correctly…EASY…just like the title reads.

Most of the easy wah opportunities that I’m referring to let you place many eggs into ONE basket. What I mean by that is: You can do many things to earn money online in order to make enough of a cash cushion that will let you live comfortably.

For those that are looking to make some big bucks and are willing to work hard for it; well I have a few of those opportunities listed below, as well.

Ready, let’s cut to the chase…the EASY ones – Read with an open mind

* Swagbucks – Sponsored By Google
Swagbucks is a legitimate site where you can make money and earn merchandise just by surfing the Internet. Swagbucks is a search engine, and you’ll earn just by searching, very simple. The program is actually sponsored by Google. With this program, you earn various prizes and also cash via Paypal.

* Craft Items and more on Etsy – Sales

There are many people making money on Etsy. However, for you to be successful, you would need a wide following on the social medias…that alone could result in your success. It’s definitely a legitimate site where you can make good money if you market your items properly.

* Sell Items on Ebay and Craigslist

You can sell a pretty wide variety of products on both Ebay and Craigslist. Anything from furniture, cars, novelty items, dinnerware…just about anything that you have for sale that you don’t want or use.

* Paid Blogging

Paid blogging is pretty basic. Of course, you would need a blog or blogs of your own first in order to get paid blogging gigs. If you spend your time wisely, blog daily and also have a good following with the social sites, you could get paid blogging gigs easily. You would need to follow other bloggers to be able to grow business relationships. Just a final tip here about blogging. is very user friendly and also free. Also, the best part about blogger, you can place advertising for affiliate programs and Adsense throughout the blog that you can make even more money with. A blog for free is always nice.

To earn cash for blogging, it will take a little time to learn proper blogging skills. However, if you already own a blog, that’s a huge plus.

* Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are virtually a hot topic around the web. There are many legitimate survey sites. Having said that, you will need to stay away from the survey sites that charge a fee…and there are many out there that do. Most of these are scams. I have compiled a small list of some of the good ones for you below. Just a tip here about surveys…don’t ever give them your credit card number.

Survey Club

Survey 4 Profit

* Paid to Read Emails

Paid for reading email opportunities is a controversial subject around the web. However, there are legitimate opportunities to make money just by reading emails. Simple process, you sign up with a (junk email just for paid to read programs, NOT your personal email), and you click and earn.

You will need to sign up with quite a few of the programs to make this opportunity worth while. You will earn just a few cents per email. If you do this daily and sign up with enough of the legitimate ones, you will earn some nice sizeable cash. Below are some listed to get you started.

* Freelance Writing

For easy…it’s very simple to write articles for various content/article mills. There are some listed below for you. Make sure you always read all writing guidelines for each. The pay isn’t that great with these sites. However, if you write enough articles, you will bring in more than you think; as the amounts add up quickly.

Seeking Alpha
How Stuff
Love To


A Little More Than You Asked For

For retirees that are willing to work hard and learn (in the process), I have listed some other ways to earn money from home; filed under…(not so easy, however achievable).

Affiliate Marketing

You have to essentially love affiliate marketing to earn good money with it. This is one of those opportunities whether you either love it or hate it. There are many good resources online and also free tutorials for affiliate marketing to get started. There are affiliate programs for a vast array of products that would fit within your niche.

Professional Blogger

There is a learning curve for being a professional blogger. To be successful, you need to get a rather large following and readership. You can earn money from blogging with Google Adsense, performing paid reviews, offering advertising space, membership blogs and affiliate marketing. You could also sell any items you have such as eBooks, reports and marketing material…just to name a few.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be many things to many individuals. You could be writing, fetching email, website maintaining, researching the Internet, blogging and other tasks.
It wouldn’t really be that hard at landing a virtual assisting position…IF you had the specific skills required and you are willing to mingle with the masses of the social medias and extend and promote your services.

Freelance Writing For Clients

To earn an income by writing for private clients, you will for sure need some writing and grammar skills and also have the means of promoting your services. You could do this by creating your own website and advertise on the social media sites. The top ones are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Here is an excellent opportunity that is NOT a scam that I recommend. The company is reputable.Read the Q and A on the site and apply.

There are also many other work at home opportunities available if you have the required skills. will always give you a ton of results when you perform research. You may try typing in the following keywords: legitimate work from home, no fee work from home, work from home jobs, work at home opportunities, etc…

You can always Contact Me if you have questions. I’ll be happy to help.

If you are a senior and are unsure of what you would like to do in regards to a wah opportunity, visit Work At Home Opportunities where I offer free telecommute job leads, articles, tips and other online work at home resources.

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