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There are a lot of work at home blogging jobs around the web. The key for landing these jobs is knowing where to look firstly, and also how to go about getting hired.

It’s a good idea to have an open mind and consider blogging for a diverse number of employers versus just one company or blog owner. This is where the “freelancing” comes in. Freelance (if you’re not familiar with the term), is working for many companies, preferably from home and at your convenience, and not committing to any long term work. Opportunities are wide open and you have the final say regarding job detail and pricing.

I will be sharing with you a few blogging job sites. However first, let’s concentrate on influencing an employer or blog owner to hire you for freelance blogging jobs, also known as (freelance blogging gigs).

Below are 4 tips for convincing companies that you are a good candidate for a blogging job

* A Professional Resume (Including Letters Of Recommendation)

A blog owner considering hiring a professional writer/blogger, is looking for specifically what skills and experience you have and what you can offer them. Remember, good impressions do count! Be professional and include all experience and skills (don’t leave anything out), on a clean, concise presentation.

I know a lot of people have echoed the phrase “short and to the point” with resumes. However, it’s the best advice I can give about resumes! Be concise and don’t include a lot of fluff or hype. Also include any portfolios or letters you have for recommendation.

* Present Good Writing Samples

For this, it is best to write original samples of your writing. Try not to include any previous articles you have written, and adhere to writing something specifically relating to their blog.

* Show Your Passion And Style In Your Writing

Write what you are passionate about and in your own words. Your writing needs to show and convey your personality and voice. Don’t copy anyone’s work. Your writing must be your own. People want to read from your perspective and what you have to offer the readers of the blog you are writing for.

* Make Sure The Company Knows You Can Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is one of the most important elements of being a good writer and freelancer. Be the professional and always be prompt with your work. The hiring company of course needs work delivered on time, with each and every writing project. No exceptions.

Below are 10 blogging job sites

Please Note: Not all sites may be hiring, check back on a later date

Freelance Writing Gigs
All Voices
Social Spark
Content Quake
Review Me

Companies that pay you to blog on your own blog, writing reviews and more

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