Work At Home – 8 Legitimate Home Based Opportunities For Newbies

If you are reading this article, you are most likely a newbie and looking for home jobs or opportunities. I can recall when I started searching for anything that was legitimate that could make me money. I was determined to find something that was enjoyable and make honest cash at the same time.

It seems that “work at home” is just a pipe dream to some individuals, and for others it has been a way of life. Working at home has changed lives completely. I know it has changed my world drastically for the better. Home employment was one of the best things that has happened to me in my lifetime. I love the freedom and lifestyle that goes with the territory.

Do you wish to live life as a work at home mom or dad? Do you long for the freedom and lifestyle that working from home offers? Well…keep reading; as I am going to share with you some work from home opportunities that are especially newbie-friendly.

However firstly, you of course need to be able to search the web easily and have basic typing skills; preferably speedy and accurate typing skills.

Below are the 8 work from home opportunities that newbies are encouraged to apply

* Dion Data Solutions hires independent contractors and includes typing positions. Free training and all tools are provided. However, when you apply, you may be put on a waiting list. You can apply with this company every 30 days.

* is an Internet based company that outsources their data entry work load. You must be 18 years of age to apply. No experience is required, however an valuation tests is required. You can take the test as many times as you like.

* Article Writing– You can write articles for website owners/private clients, or the various article content mills around the web. Some pay low, however there are some in the bunch that pay fairly decent. Do some searching on your favorite search engine to find out more about making money for writing articles.

* Blog Posting – If you love blogging, you can make good money. Many blog owners outsource their blog content as well as their website content. Also the following sites pay you just for blogging. They include; Blog Burner, Weblogs, PayPerPost, Review Me, Bloggerwave and the list goes on. If you like to write and blog, you may be an excellent candidate for paid to blog opportunities.

* Quicktate – The web browsers Firefox, Safari, or Opera is required for this company. They do hire newbies for transcription work.

* – They hire newbie transcribers and they pay via Paypal $10 per audio hour.

Free Paid Surveys-
Paid surveys is controversial, as there are those that say they are not worth the time and effort. Although, many people are making good money with them. The link that is listed here is the best I’ve seen and I make money with it. There is also no membership fee to join. The key is to not join any paid survey websites where you have to pay. You can find tons of these sites for free while doing a simple search on You have to be disciplined and consistent to make a sustainable income with paid surveys. So if paid surveys is your cup of tea, go for it.

* Sponsored Tweets – Sponsored tweets has been around since late 2009. If you are among the 85% of the population that spends a portion of their day on the one of the largest social media websites; AKA Twitter, and you love networking, you stand a good chance at making money tweeting. You get a say in what tweets that you post and also how much you make. Pay is via Paypal and you can cash out at $10. I’ve made good money with it and is definitely worth my time. 

So there you are, 8 legitimate work at home opportunities for newbies to make money. I wish all of you much success.

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