WAH Writing Jobs

Writing jobswill always be in big demand. Website and blog owners often outsource their work due to time issues. Also, many web and blog developers are not natural writers and often find writing quite challenging. You, the freelance writer can find writing jobs by participating in the various social media sites. The two most popular are Twitter and Facebook.

Legit Writing Opportunities Below

Take time in getting to know folks that are writers themselves. They often will need writers to do projects, or they may know someone that need writers. Also keep an eye out for work at home professionals with websites high up in search engines. Make yourself known on these social media sites, and advertise that you do freelance writing.

Another excellent idea would be to create a website of your own. A freelance writing blog would also be a good fit for someone looking for projects. Promote your sites through social network sites, active message forums, and also through article marketing.

Below are one dozen of the top paid article writing sites for your convenience.

Writing Column @ Writedge
Writers Weekly
Cyber Edit
My Lot.com
Associated Content
Text Broker
Writer Find.com
Pro Blogger
Demand Studios

Many people are making a nice income for themselves just from writing alone. YOU can too! All that is needed are basic writing skills, a willingness to do the work, and a good attitude.

Another Option – General Transcription – Legitimate Opportunity
Below are a few examples of people who regularly hire transcriptionists

* Internet marketers looking to turn interviews and teleseminars into valuable information products.

* Podcasters who want to distribute episodes in text format via their blogs or forums.

* Legal offices that need a written record of interviews or depositions.

* Insurance companies that need phone calls transcribed for easy cross-referencing.

* Busy bloggers or writers who like to save time by writing via voice recorder.

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