Top Telecommute WAH Job Search Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Most families require two incomes, unless the main bread winner is bringing home, let’s just say, more than the norm to make ends meet. If you fall into this category as a stay at home mom, consider yourself very lucky.

Having small children by your side at home, you of course chose to stay at home opposed to working due to soaring daycare costs. You would be working just to be working. However, is just one income working for your family?

You do have options, why not look into work at home jobs? Many successful work at home moms are enjoying the choice they have made and are happy with their (work and home) lifestyle. Has their experience getting to the successful part been a cake walk for them? For the majority of them, no. Some of them had to utilize some helpful online resources at finding a home job that was right for them.

Below are some helpful tips on conducting a telecommute job search

* Firstly, consider any skills and experience you may have along with what specifically you would like to do from home. Most first time home job searchers don’t have a clue what they are interested in. Try to have a visual of what you want to do. Customer service, admin assistant, transcription, just to name a few.

* In most cases, a legitimate telecommute company will require a resume from you, just like any other job. This will include your job skills, various past places of employment, (online or offline), what your occupations were, and your education.

* Contrary to what you may have heard about “easy work at home jobs,” keep in mind that there will be real work you will be doing for real pay. There will be no free rides, hard work results with a set wage.

* Please be advised; there are a multitude of money making scams out on the net. You will want to avoid (so called) companies that require any start up or registration costs. As these are indeed scams. There are however, certain requirements for customer service and transcription positions.

* Persistence and motivation; you will need plenty of both in order to land a telecommute position. Never give up hope and keep applying. So, if you begin your journey with a weak attitude, most often you will walk away disappointed. Just a small handful of resume submissions will not cut it.

I’ve included some legitimate sites to jump start your work from home job searching

Also, you may want to check in at various work at home message forums and social media sites. Ask questions when you need to and follow people that offer job leads and free work at home information.

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