A Peek @ One Dozen Highlights Of My Upcoming eBook

Hello Readers and Subscribers

I thought it was time I posted the highlights of my (work in progress) eBook – Kindle version.

Title: 21 Fast Work From Home Money Makers For Newbies


* Business Background About Me And How I Got Started

* Announcing My 3 Blogs

* See How Article Marketing Lead Me To Freelance Writing

* Various Ways I Personally Make Income From Home

* Proof Of Payments From When I Was Paid For Working Online

* 21 Ways Newbies Can Make Money From Home Quickly

* No-Experience Companies That Legitimately Hire People To Work From Home

* My Procrastination Page – (Exactly Why I Kept Putting Off Finishing This eBook)

* Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Making Money From Home

* Social Media and Working From Home

* Advice For WAH Newbies and a Few Surprise Resources For Searching For WAH

* Some Final …

Is Google Mobile Friendly Update Affecting Website Traffic?

Many components have changed in my work from home world within the past four months. An unexpected chain of events has largely distracted me from my daily home business routine. As a result, I have not kept up with my online work like I should (with good reason).

It’s important that family comes before business in my book

However, some of these unfortunate events were NOT family related. Do I let this totally discourage me from what I thoroughly enjoy doing online – (my business)? Of course not!

My blog content has certainly suffered; although, I know how to fix that.

One aspect of work at home business has changed that I’ve noticed while I was missing in action (off and on) throughout my temporary hiatus.

The Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Should I be concerned? That’s the million dollar question

I did receive an email from Google that one of

How to Avoid Desperation Marketing – How to Get Clients Now

Have you ever done this? Looked at the bank account, looked at the bills, looked at your upcoming schedule and then just went into a major panic? What are you doing to do? The bills are coming in, the clients are heading out, and you are stuck right dab in the middle with what seems like no solution in sight? The last few months might have been great, but now, for some reason times are tough and the clients just don’t seem to be there. What next?

Believe me, many think they are alone in this scenario, but they aren’t. At one time or another I bet most businesses have faced this dilemma— Lack of Clients, which quickly lead to Desperation Marketing. They desperately needed to get clients. ASAP. Pronto. FAST! But can they?

So what is desperation marketing? It’s marketing when you are so desperate for clients that you …

Work At Home Jobs For Moms That Homeschool

If you have more than one child home with you, you may think that it’s impossible to work from home, and stay sane! I agree, it would be a challenge. We surely DON’T live in a perfect world, do we? However, there are many moms that are able to pull this off and juggle the tasks in just the right way that suits their needs. It’s NOT impossible! If you homeschool and you’ve been thinking about finding some type of work from home opportunity, read on; I’ll be giving you some tips on how to juggle the two. It’s crucial not to slight your children’s learning opportunities that’s for sure!

3 Ideas For Homeschooling Moms To Work From Home

Internet Research Jobs

* When you homeschool, there’s no doubt you will be online doing research on the tools needed to teach your kids the right subjects for their ages and …

Work At Home Opportunities For Retirees? Some EASY Money Makers & More!

Below you will find a lot of work at home opportunities information; read all the way through to the very end. I have opportunities available from paid surveys, customer service, paid to read emails, data entry, transcription, writing and more. I certainly hope you find something that’s a good fit for YOU!

At the end of this article, you will find a contact email if you have concerns or questions.

For some retirees, there simply isn’t a choice to either take a retirement or work from home job or quit working entirely. Due to the economy, there are quite a few seniors that still need some income flowing in order to make ends meet.

For the lucky ones that haven’t had to withdraw their “savings” or “nest egg,” they may be able to afford to retire comfortably and not have to worry about financial issues. However, this is indeed rare …

Home Typing Jobs – Yes, It’s Legitimate

Home Typing Jobs – Get Paid For Typing, yes it’s legitimate!…

I bet you’re thinking every paid typing job I’ve seen are all scams, and also a lot of people has warned me to stay away from these type of scams.

Well first, let’s determine what a real scam is for typing at home….

I’m going to be absolutely honest with you here. When I first began my search for a “real” way to work from home and get paid, I fell for those famous “paid typing jobs.”

The scams I’m referring to are those companies that “hire” you for a price. Yes, I paid for a couple of these “so called” positions. What these scam companies do is get you to sign up (with a hefty price) and then send you instructions to type (copy and paste) small ads that are typed up and ready to go throughout the …

WAH Writing Jobs

Writing jobswill always be in big demand. Website and blog owners often outsource their work due to time issues. Also, many web and blog developers are not natural writers and often find writing quite challenging. You, the freelance writer can find writing jobs by participating in the various social media sites. The two most popular are Twitter and Facebook.

Legit Writing Opportunities Below

Take time in getting to know folks that are writers themselves. They often will need writers to do projects, or they may know someone that need writers. Also keep an eye out for work at home professionals with websites high up in search engines. Make yourself known on these social media sites, and advertise that you do freelance writing.

Another excellent idea would be to create a website of your own. A freelance writing blog would also be a good fit for someone looking …

Work From Home Break For Product Completion

When you work at home, you usually have tasks to get done on a deadline or a specific time of your choosing. When you work for someone else, it’s usually a deadline you have to meet.

Say you’re a freelance writer for various clients; well of course, you are scheduled to meet deadlines. On the other hand, if you run websites and need to publish content day after day, week after week and month after month; you will most likely be too hard on yourself, beat yourself up and feel unprofessional for not staying on top of your game.

All too often, some home business owners do exactly that; especially if they hold themselves accountable by announcing to the social medias what their goals are and what they plan on doing (often for a certain date/time).

Is this you? Have you fallen short of getting your business affairs completed on …

Affiliate Marketing – Powerful Keyword Research Tips & More

There’s no way around it – keyword research is the foundation of every good affiliate marketing business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an organic search guru or a PPC baron, you’d better be able to pinpoint the keywords that matter and become competitive for them as fast as possible.

It can be easy though to miss the important keywords. My favorite research tool for that is AffiloTools.

Without it, I would be completely lost

Have A Look… –>> Affilorama Tools

You’ll Be Glad You Did

I’m going to go through with you today my tips for finding the money-magnet keywords that you – and your competitors – have missed!

My Keyword Research Technique

–>> I like to get started in the AffiloTool’s keyword tool – it’s easy to use and it is very accurate. You can enter multiple terms, but for now, just one will do. I’ll use “lose weight” …

Work At Home Industry – The Top 4 Essentials For Business Marketing

I’ve been in the work at home industry for several years and I know the essentials for marketing my business. Did this come easy for me? For the most part, no. Just like a lot of you out there, I learned by hands on, and by trial and error. You can take various marketing courses, however, until you actually do the marketing yourself, you won’t learn all the aspects of it. You have to do it hands on to find out what works best for your home business.

Marketing yourself starts with branding. If you’re not familiar with the term, branding is building the vital aspects of your home business by socializing, and building your credible reputation. You are concentrating on building up specific expectations of your business, products, and services, and also market them to make your consumers know and expect that your products and services are the best.…