My Experience With Work At Home Assembly Companies

I do have experience with a few work at home assembly companies, just as many others have. They were learning experiences and ones that will definitely not be forgotten. This article is for individuals that are currently thinking about purchasing home assembly kits. To those, I’m willing to share my inevitable fate.

For the first company I remember sewing Christmas oven mitts. The mitts were green with red poinsettias on the front. Since I had (or thought I had) lots of sewing experience, I thought I had a pretty good shot at making some satisfactory mitts and making some money. I think I mailed in three and each one came back with the bad news of “not passing the company’s inspection.”

For the second company I wrapped ribbon around wooden open hearts. I hot glued three tiny ribbon roses on one corner with a different colored ribbon hanging from the roses. There were one dozen in each kit. I thought they were exceptionally attractive.

I was absolutely blown away when after my second shipment, the company actually accepted the hearts I had made and was paid. I was thrilled, but there was a catch. I was limited to just one shipment of one dozen per month. That sure wasn’t my idea of making money from home.

I think I only sent in one more shipment and I kept the last set of hearts I made. They are green and white and they look elegant hanging from my Christmas tree.

For the third company, I beaded earrings. It took me forever to complete just one pair. The thread easily knotted and needless to say, I was just a tad frustrated. I ended up sending in just two pair and of course, they did not get accepted. Well from that moment on, that was the end of home assembly for me.

I advise anyone thinking of assembling crafts from home for various companies, save your frustration and don’t do it. Your time can be much better spent on searching for legitimate work at home jobs that pay you an honest wage. Or you can of course sell the products yourself for a nice profit.

I’m not saying every home assembly company is a scam. I have not done extensive research about them. But from the ones I’ve dealt with and also heard about from others, I say, “It’s not worth the time.”

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