Steps on Generating More Traffic to Your New Found Home Business

More and more people are leaving the high pressured workplace environment and are instead opting for working for home by starting a new online business. However, in today’s crowded online marketplace, there are wealth of websites for people to choose from and therefore, taking a passive approach when it comes to driving traffic towards your online business is not the way to success. There is no doubt that it is challenging to raise the your online company site visitors, and if you don’t see quick results, it can become very disheartening. While it will always take time to boost your company’s website traffic organically, there are tried and tested methods that you can use to speed up the process. Here are 10 ideas to get your online business have more traffic even if you think you are thinking to buy website traffic just in get more visitors (which is a good idea too!).

The Power Of Influencers

There is a rapidly growing trend for Influencer marketing, and around three quarters of all marketers use it in some form. You can harness the power of this exciting trend by reaching out to YouTubers, industry thought leaders and rising stars of the social media scene, pitching your business to them with the hope that they may collaborate with you in promoting your company in return for a fee, a discounted product or free services. This will help boost engagement to your site and drive up traffic. Read more information about on how influencer marketing can help you this 2017.

Effective Blogging

Blogging is an inexpensive and very effective way of promoting your company. By offering quality informative content, you will encourage your site’s visitors to return again and thus to build links to your site. While blogging on your own website is important, you should also generate content for other sites which contains links to your site by contributing guest posts to industry relevant blogs, submitting to online publications, responding to questions on Yahoo! and Quora and sharing on social media. By doing this, you will improve your SEO and and reach an even bigger audience. Smart blogger share some insighs here on how to get more quora traffic.

Accepting Guest Posts

As well as providing contributions to other publications, you should also accept guest posts to your own blog as this is a simple and free way of increasing traffic to your site. As long as your potential contributors aren’t your business rivals, you will both benefit from this arrangement, as they will get a boost to their SEO and you will reach a wider audience. It is still effective even if Matt Cutts says it is not.

Generating An Email List
If you pair an ever-increasing list of email addresses with a regular newsletter, you will increase the incidences of return traffic to your site and therefore, your sales are sure to increase. By giving your visitors the facility to register for a newsletter, you will be able to drive contacts to your website by sending out information, blog posts and regular newsletters to those who have supplied their contact details. There are numerous helpful and inexpensive platforms like MailChimp and Drip that make this process simple and painless. Neil Patel has some great steps on how you can turn your visitors into email list.

Rewarding Referrals

While generating new leads and finding new customers is important, it is also vital not to neglect the ones that you already have. Around 82% of people ask their friends and family for advice before they make an important purchase, so by rewarding loyal customers, you can gain more business and new referrals. Advertise a referral program on social media, email and website and offer discounts or free gifts to customers who refer a friend.

Optimize For SEO

While it may be expensive to employ the services of a professional SEO company, there are some easy fixes you can try to improve your site’s SEO and visibility in the search engine rankings. SEO audit tools like SEMrush give a complete overview of the SEO of your site including notices, errors and warnings, and you can then use this information to fix those errors and to boost your SEO score. This will make it much easier for search engines to crawl your site and for those searching for your product or service to locate you.

Interacting With Companies In Your Field

If you join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook within your industry, you can build up links and relationships with other customers and professionals in your field. This will allow you to not only share tips and ideas that establish you firmly as a leader in your trade but also will drive up traffic to your site. Share posts within these groups either weekly or monthly, respond to questions and comment on posts to share your skills and knowledge and to add links to your blog.

Building Up A Social Media Community

Social media is a useful tool for boosting your business. Use it to share website links, establish a following and establish your company as a legitimate business. Consistently post a number of times each week and share relevant information and content that relates to your service or product. You could also host a giveaway for your followers, encouraging them to share your posts.

Content Distribution

While advertising is an expensive form of marketing, paid content distribution is a more cost effective alternative. Simple to launch via a content discovery platform such as Taboola or Outbrain, this is a great way to get your blog posts featured on popular publication and news sites as recommended content. When a viewer clicks on one of your links, they will be driven to your site. Prices start from as little as $0.10 for a click, making this an affordable solution even for small businesses.

Launching a new online company is exciting, and thanks to today’s technologically advanced marketing strategies, traffic can be increased to your site, boosting the reputation of your business exponentially.

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