Make Money Blogging For a Passive Income Lifestyle

If you work from home, chances are you own a blog; or maybe several of them. If you do, hopefully, you’re on the right track and making money blogging for the bulk of your income. You can make money blogging in a plethora of ways.

To experience true success, you need to have a good-sized membership base, (people reading). I’ve been earning income online for many years, and I personally enjoy the interaction of a blog. To capture my audience, I consistently try my best to keep content flowing within my specific niche. I love the “work from home” industry, so that has been my focus and personal niche for many years. I enjoy the lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Have you been looking to make enough money to support your family; or perhaps to supplement your spouse’s income passively?When I say “passive,” I mean making money while vacationing, sleeping, taking time off for an elderly parent, illness or whatever it happens to be that takes you away from your blog and your work. Life happens and lets face it, in order to make passive income, you need to consistently put out enough content throughout your blog. This means writing when you don’t feel like it. It means researching for the specific topics your target market will be searching for. It means getting up bright and early to get various blog posts together and posted regularly.

Scheduling posts is a good habit to get into. You can choose a weekend or an evening during the week to schedule posts for the following week. To be truly successful, you need to put in a great deal of hours to get yourself in place for good passive income. You know the lifestyle you desire, and my suggestion is to put in as many hours that is necessary to make that lifestyle happen.

Below are 5 ways you can make passive income blogging

(It is suggested doing a combination of these for the most exposure)

Affiliate Marketing

If your passion is affiliate marketing, you can focus on doing some good write-ups on the products you sell. When you’re involved with affiliate marketing, it’s frowned upon by Google and other search engines if you saturate your blog with flashy graphics. The best thing to do, is make sure you include reputable and natural links in your content instead of banners and buttons. Did you know that Google doesn’t even acknowledge graphics? When you DO use them, always include text in the “alt” tags to follow Google guidelines.


Reviews are excellent with getting specific traffic to your site. It’s best if you actually purchase the product or service for yourself and then do various reviews on those products or services. The items or services you are selling through affiliate marketing are ideal. Say you love a particular webinar, and you happen to be an affiliate; blog about your first impressions and your takeaways from the webinar.


Giveaways are hot commodities on the web right now, and I think they will continue to be so. In fact, giveaways are in such big demand that you can make money on a giveaway blog alone. In respect to what was just stated up in the “reviews” section on graphics, with giveaways, YOU DO NEED to include good graphics on the products associated on your site. Of course, you also need to disclose any and all personal use based on your opinions and likenesses to get your readers involved and signing up.

Doing Interviews With Business Associates

I’ve seen many successful blogs that include a nice amount of interviews. When doing interviews, you need to stick with your niche to keep your market on your site. You can weave interview posts throughout your site in between your other content.

Personal Connecting On Social Media

This one is a given in any niche you are in. Facebook seems to be the most popular with creating business pages based on your blog. However, it’s best if you focus on personal mentoring in text without including any business links in the bulk of your Facebook posts. You can do personal polls, ask questions and share your knowledge. Do the same thing with Twitter and any other social media you frequently use. You need to gain trust first before you accomplish a nice following and audience. It is then that you begin to get good traffic while weaving in your business links.

If you absolutely love blogging, the above 5 ways are excellent if you decide you want to make money online while doing it

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