Is Google Mobile Friendly Update Affecting Website Traffic?

Many components have changed in my work from home world within the past four months. An unexpected chain of events has largely distracted me from my daily home business routine. As a result, I have not kept up with my online work like I should (with good reason).

It’s important that family comes before business in my book

However, some of these unfortunate events were NOT family related. Do I let this totally discourage me from what I thoroughly enjoy doing online – (my business)? Of course not!

My blog content has certainly suffered; although, I know how to fix that.

One aspect of work at home business has changed that I’ve noticed while I was missing in action (off and on) throughout my temporary hiatus.

The Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Should I be concerned? That’s the million dollar question

I did receive an email from Google that one of my websites was NOT mobile friendly.

That of course, sent me into instant research mode LOL! However, some website owners don’t pay attention to these updates.

Here’s a bit of information for you…

Did you know that Google alters its search algorithm OVER 500 times each year? Of course, most of these changes are very minor and need not concern webmasters, nor cause them to be overly alarmed. However, it’s the significant updates that one should pay attention to and be concerned over. These updates include the ones like Google Panda, Google Penguin and the Hummingbird. These are some of the ones that highly affected search results and rankings. Those for sure played havoc with many webmaster’s traffic.

Let’s get back to Google Mobile-FriendlyAka Mobilegeddon, as it’s been referred to around the web.

I guess to come to a conclusion about whether or not a website is affected by this latest mobile friendly update, it needs to be carefully investigated on how much mobile traffic it’s bringing in.

For me; this can be found quickly through my hosting cPanel. It does list a percentage of the traffic that the various mobile devices bring in for each of my websites. .

Most of my traffic is coming from desktops which is currently typical. However, since the iPhone is growing more popular (literally by the minute), it’s only natural to believe that more and more traffic will come from iPhones as well as tablets verses the standard PC in the very near future. The big companies are quickly making and selling (more efficient) mobile devices daily.

So of course, we ALL desire to be more efficient with the rest of them. Do we not?

I do believe that as this ever-growing fast paced world evolves, so will the need for more tech convenience. Tablets and iPhones are currently hot commodities; more so than the standard laptop.

The changes started taking shape around the 21st of April, and it is repeated that it will evolve slowly. Only time will tell if mobile friendly sites will make a difference or not regarding traffic

I now have a total of (3) mobile friendly websites

However, what are your thoughts? Are your websites mobile friendly? I would love to hear what you have to say.

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