Should You Have A Home Business Mentor?

Do you think you need one?

If you have just started out with a home business and are not that web savvy, you can greatly benefit from a work at home mentor.

How much does having a mentor cost?

Well, sometimes you get lucky enough to get help from a mentor for free, especially if you are good friends with them. But the price of a good business mentor varies depending on what type of advice you are seeking.

Where can you find a good home based business mentor?

Mentors are literally all over the place on the Internet for the work from home industry. You can find them on all the popular social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, message forums, and etc…

What should you look for in a business mentor?

A mentor should definitely have more experience than you and are more marketing savvy. It makes sense, you are new to the work at home industry and you need guidance with marketing, creating a good online presence, and making money.

Can a mentor be a family member?

Yes definitely! As long as they have the knowledge and experience that you are looking for to benefit you the most. Also you may get their services for free since they are relatives.

What types of business mentors are available?

All types! You can find strictly marketing mentors, affiliate sales, website sales, telecommuting, MLM, direct sales, and the list goes on.

You can also have buddy mentors. They don’t specifically have to have more experience than you do however. This type of mentoring could also be labeled as “The Buddy System.” Having a home business buddy can be great for your business. You could swap ideas and run over marketing techniques with each other. Even a business partnership can grow from having an online buddy to share things with online.

* Tip #1 – You have the option of creating a private Facebook page just for home business mentoring. If you have a large following, you’ll get plenty of resourceful perspectives and feedback.

* Tip #2 – Mentors are also excellent for keeping you motivated and focused.

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