Home Typing Jobs – Yes, It’s Legitimate

Home Typing Jobs – Get Paid For Typing, yes it’s legitimate!…

I bet you’re thinking every paid typing job I’ve seen are all scams, and also a lot of people has warned me to stay away from these type of scams.

Well first, let’s determine what a real scam is for typing at home….

I’m going to be absolutely honest with you here. When I first began my search for a “real” way to work from home and get paid, I fell for those famous “paid typing jobs.”

The scams I’m referring to are those companies that “hire” you for a price. Yes, I paid for a couple of these “so called” positions. What these scam companies do is get you to sign up (with a hefty price) and then send you instructions to type (copy and paste) small ads that are typed up and ready to go throughout the Internet.

These ads include headlines such as…

Work At Home TypingGet Paid $1000.00 Per Week Typing From Home!
Make Big Money At Home Typing!

Well guess what? You DON’T get paid unless someone pays and signs up with your affiliate link! Yes, that’s right! These scams are (and I’m saying it bluntly) glorified affilate programs.

Did you know these scammers are raking in tons of $$$Dollars this way?? What these people do is work their fingers to the bone getting these type of sites established while tricking people, (a lot of people) into signing up and to scatter specific ads around the net just to get MORE people to sign up and pay to do the very same thing. And they call this “a typing job!” So I’ve been around the block or two and been there and done that.

However, you know what? There ARE reputable opportunities to make money at home typing. How and where do I find these you ask? Well, I’m about to tell you how. You can make money with your computer by typing articles, reviews, blog posts, and a lot more for sustainable, legitimate companies, websites, and individual clients.

There is a large list of companies to type/write articles for on our writing jobs page.
Sign up with as many of these companies as you like. It all depends on how much time you have. You’ll be making money in no time.

You can also write for individual clients. By finding clients, chances are you will make more money per project or article. This type of writing is labeled as ghostwriting. You can even set up your own website and promote your ghostwriting services. This is also known as freelancing.

You can sign up for freelancing jobs at the sites below


Lastly, you are indeed typing when you perform all of the jobs I’ve described above. Remember, all of these are legitimate, honest ways to make money at home typing.

Good luck in all your wah endeavors, I wish you success in whatever you do!

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