Home Business Marketing – Early Bird Catches The Holiday Sales

Work at home moms are busy with their strategic holiday marketing campaigns and sales. At least they should be. How long is it until the holidays actually get here? About 7 weeks. Some marketers don’t start this early with their sales pitch strategies. You’ve heard the idiom “The early bird catches the worm?” Well, let’s edit that to “The early bird catches the sales!”

Now is the time to incorporate your work at home holiday sales, freebies, reports, eBooks, newsletters and anything else you have into your seasonal marketing plans. The holiday frenzie is really just around the corner and will be here before we know it. Now is the time to carefully plan your strategies for earning that extra income you are counting on!

Below are 5 tips for home business holiday marketing

1. Run a contest on your blog about holiday marketing goals and ideas. Have your readers comment on a contest blog post and enter their best marketing strategies, goals, and ideas. Of course incorporate entry options and rules that will benefit your blog and also your readers. You will choose a winner that will receive a prize of your choice. This will jump start the traffic to your blog that will lead to professional business relationships, and more sales.

2. Get ahead with article marketing with your best written articles about making money from home for the upcoming season. Do your research and make your articles stand out from others with fresh, innovative ideas and concepts.

3. Start thinking about fresh goals and money making formats and gear up for the new year! Now is the time, why procrastinate? Think about what you want for your business in the coming year and come up with a clever business plan that will give you the best rewards possible.

4. Run product and ad space sales for your customers. Lower your pricing on some of your better products and your best ad placement specials. It’s best if you run these sales up through January to benefit your buyers and any prospect customers.

5. Put your thinking cap on and come up with some fresh offline advertising ideas. And the holiday season is the best time for this. Incorporate these ideas into gifts that include your business name and logo. And remember word of mouth is the best offline advertising business technique.

The above are just a few ideas to get you started in marketing for the holidays. I hope this season is brimming with sales and brand new opportunities for you.

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