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Legitimate Paid Surveys and More Paid To Programs
Here we have (7 Free Opportunities) that you can legitimately make money with. Join absolutely free of charge and earn income with all of them. They are listed for you below.

Top (5) Money Makers For Legit Earnings
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Global Test Market
Inbox Dollars
Product Report Card
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You CAN make a nice handful of extra money if you sign up with several and work them consistently. If you work from home, you are probably surfing the web and doing other various tasks anyway. You can multitask and certainly earn income with way more than (1 or 2) virtual eggs in your basket.

These listed here are all legitimate. I will be adding more to the list as I find them.

More Coming Soon!
First one below is Sponsored By Google

Immediately Receive $5 Sign Up — Start Up Bonus
Ways to Earn•Install Swagbucks toolbar
•Take Surveys
•Search the Web
•Shop Online
•Watch Videos
•Play Games
And even more ways to earn…

You can also read my personal and indepth review on SwagbucksHere.

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Product Report Card
Pays via Paypal, Check or Amazon
Survey Topics Like:

* Nestle Waters
* Microsoft
* Atkins
* Ikea
* and More.

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As Seen On Good Morning America
$5 Sign Up Bonus
Associated With:

* Columbia House
* Netflix
* Target
* Walmart
* and Others

Get Paid For:

* Online Surveys
* Reading Emails
* Try Name-Brand Products
* Shop Online
* Play Games

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Global Test Market is backed and powered by Global Market Insite.

This popular paid-to program site works closely with market researchers globally. When you complete surveys, you will be granted rewards with points, (quite generous by the way), which can be redeemed for Paypal cash with a click of your mouse.

Global Test Market has remained a reputable operation over the years. They have been able to maintain an over 5 million (active) membership base.

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Inbox Dollars is quite the beneficial site to make money with. No membership fees.

Nice money maker – Get up and running in 30 seconds or less

Earnings build up quickly

Start With Inbox Dollars Today…Easy Click and Earn Income

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There is another company that pays, (I’ve been paid several times by them). The opportunity is reading emails for pay. It all adds up to some decent money earned. There are many that are skeptical and opportunities like these are so controversial around the net. But the truth of the matter is..

*These companies really do pay

* The amounts of cash add up quick.

* You can earn from both reading emails, doing surveys, visiting sites or whatever you are doing with a particular site and also earn from your referrals.

* Sign up with several and you can earn a good-sized income if you do it consistently.

* I know one lady that (does this alone) herself and makes a very nice income that pays her bills.

* The best part about these opportunities is, they are all free to join. You’re not out any money at all to get started.

* Needless to say, don’t give out your credit card numbers. Don’t pay any money with any of these companies. If you find some that charge a fee, they are probably a scam. Now, there are some that have gathered a rather large list of survey and paid-to opportunities and sites that charges a fee. You may not be scammed, however, you will be out money that you could have held onto and researched for the same list for free.

Paid View Point is a legitimate site to earn money for your own opinion! Plain and simple. You receive an email with a survey from the company, you answer questions to the best of your ability, and then get paid.

They usually send these out daily, which is nice.

There’s nothing easier than that…AND On Time With Payments, & Payment is via Paypal

Another free egg in your virtual basket.