Do Your Christmas Shopping For 2015 With Swagbucks – Review

Hello, this is my review for Swagbucks. So, no worries on wasting your time reading about a scam. Just a heads up; their program is as reputable as Avon, Tupperware, Watkins; just to name a few.

No, Swagbucks is NOT a direct sales business. I was just referring to a couple of legitimate companies for reference.

I won’t be leading or promoting you a royal scam with this Swagbucks Review; as they are essentially a legit opportunity. Sit a spell and find out some excellent features and advantages for YOU and all about the earning opportunity. Just FYI…They ARE accredited with the BBB. That may or may not be pertinent information to you. There are many online earning opportunities that are not. So keep that in mind.

An excellent feature that’s a part of the Swagbucks program is cashing in your points for gift cards, games and more.

I bet you were hoping you could actually earn “cash” with Swagbucks

Well, the truth is…you CAN make money with this program in a variety of ways. In my book, earning points that convert to gift cards is most definitely the same thing as making money while receiving free merchandise.

Let me explain how it works, and where the “cash” comes in down below

You can easily earn 10 points just by searching online. Furthermore, say you were searching for the latest gadget for technology for 30 minutes or so….you could earn even more than 10 Swagbucks! So, if you do a high volume of searches online anyway, (and who doesn’t these days)…you could effortlessly earn a magnitude of gift cards and more.

You can earn $5 gift cards (and above) from your mobile device or your PC that can be redeemed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and other great places to shop. That’s free merchandise folks…and it adds up quickly. The way I see it, (and many have shared this), you could do all or at least the large majority of your Christmas shopping just by doing various things with Swagbucks. It will also depend on your holiday budget, of course. Having said that, it is suggested to start in January with earning or even NOW! That way you get a head start and will have the whole year to earn and shop at your leisure.

How To Earn Swagbucks

First and foremost, you earn simply by searching for anything you may be looking for on the net. That could be trending hair styles, pricing for real estate, holiday items, or anything you are interested in searching for. It would be ideal to download the Swagbucks’ toolbar. That way you won’t have to remember to search their search engine specifically to earn, as it will be right there when you login to your computer. It’s essentially a no-brainier.

However, there are OTHER WAYS to earn those points that convert to cash

You can also earn Swagbucks by:

* Doing verified and trusted surveys
* Watching videos
* Shopping
* Voting in daily polls within the program
* Completing various offers
* Playing games, and even more ways.

In addition, you earn by referring others. Not to mention entertainment coupons and Swagstakes. There are all kinds of ways to earn many convertible points. Another cool feature is the “daily goals” that will be on your dashboard. You can earn bonus points.

Another cool thing I think you will love is the (trade in) feature that comes with your “free” membership. Yes, it’s free to join! You can trade in books, games, videos and more for even more Swagbucks.

Where The Cash Comes In

The program is absolutely free to join. My favorite thing to do is shop online…fast and easy without going out if you don’t wish to. You can do your shopping online at most places you can redeem your points; Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. When your points add up to $25, you get that deposited into your Paypal account. That’s where people get confused about earning “actual cash” with the program. Well, there you go; it’s cash and it’s spendable! In addition…in the “Swagstakes Portal”, you also stand a chance at winning the $25. it does say on the site itself to allow 10-14 business days for payment to be transferred.

Get ready to earn Christmas gifts by participating in the Swagbucks program. Do this periodically throughout the year and get your gift shopping done, (or very close to it) without the fuss of doing it last minute and in overly crowded stores. Clever way to shop if you ask me, and it’s all free!

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