At Home Blogging Opportunities – Develop a Writing Schedule For Optimal Traffic

Time to get really focused! Plan what exactly your blog schedule will be. Create a list of hot topics that you want to cover over the next 6 months so you won’t be lacking ideas when it’s time to write.

About writing schedules…
One of the keys to getting visitors to come back to your blog is to write consistently. One-time visitors are not the goal here, so while it’s great to get a new visitor, if they don’t come back, nothing has been gained.

To get returning readers, it is essential to set up a blogging schedule. If you only write sporadically on your blog, your readers won’t get to know you or when to expect to hear from you. People are very much “creatures of habit” so if they know you post on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, they will begin to anticipate your postings and visit your blog to read what you have shared.

Decide a workable schedule for you. Everyone is different, so if the top bloggers post every day but you know you will not be able to keep up with that schedule, decide on one that will work for your situation.

Posting every day to a blog is great, but not really necessary. Can you consistently write something three times per week? Great! Decide on the days and let your readers know. Writing once a week is a start, but you really want to create more momentum than that will give.

It’s also helpful to schedule your topics to write about. You can get a calendar and decide on topics you will cover each month. For example, in January, you can talk about new beginnings and what that means in your niche. February, being the “love month” can cover having good relationships with your customers/clients and all that it means. Shower your blog readers with some free gifts and build loyalty and strong ties with them.

It’s much easier to sit down and write a blog post when you know what the topic is. Plus, having scheduled days for them to be published on also helps you stay on track. A good practice to get into is writing some posts ahead of time. That way, if somethng comes up or you find yourself very busy, you can just publish a draft you have written and you’re done.

As with anything else, developing a consistent, regular schedule will be helpful to you and to getting your readers to return over and over again.

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