A Peek @ One Dozen Highlights Of My Upcoming eBook

Hello Readers and Subscribers

I thought it was time I posted the highlights of my (work in progress) eBook – Kindle version.

Title: 21 Fast Work From Home Money Makers For Newbies


* Business Background About Me And How I Got Started

* Announcing My 3 Blogs

* See How Article Marketing Lead Me To Freelance Writing

* Various Ways I Personally Make Income From Home

* Proof Of Payments From When I Was Paid For Working Online

* 21 Ways Newbies Can Make Money From Home Quickly

* No-Experience Companies That Legitimately Hire People To Work From Home

* My Procrastination Page – (Exactly Why I Kept Putting Off Finishing This eBook)

* Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Making Money From Home

* Social Media and Working From Home

* Advice For WAH Newbies and a Few Surprise Resources For Searching For WAH

* Some Final Thoughts…

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Keep an eye out for a final date (I plan) to get this project complete!

For the past month or so, I’ve been actively dealing with some family issues that were profoundly important to me (since the last blog post about the project). For the most part, they were totally unexpected. Now that there is a fair amount of peace and closure to these issues, I’m back at working and going forward at getting this (work in progress) complete.

Thanks for your patience!

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