7 Home Employment Distraction Busters

The work from home environment isn’t always smooth sailing. Some people really do believe that people that are home employed have a perfect life! Well, think again; there are many things that are at a disarray if you work from a home office setting. Distractions can play havoc on your day-to-day WAH tasks. I have several that I’ve personally experienced. Maybe you’ve experienced the same? If you have, what feedback or advice can you bring to the virtual table? Please leave your comments below.

Below are 7 of my own tips when it comes to working at home and dealing with distractions

1. Stop dabbling in those emails already! Email can certainly be a time-suck! I’ve been there, and still spend a bit more time than I should on email sometimes. It’s a good idea to check emails (twice per day) and that’s it! Don’t give into the temptation to be in there anymore than you have to. Two times per day is plenty. Now, it’s different if you are waiting for a specific email that complements your home business.

For Example; Say, you’re waiting on a sale confirmation? Then Yes, that’s important to your business! However, in general, once in the morning and once in the evening should be sufficient.

2. Don’t give in if you hear the fridge calling your name…LOL! (Other than normal meals and snacks that is). If you work from home, that’s definitely a distraction and temptation. (For me it is). For some, it’s not an issue. I know my kitchen is just a few short steps from my office! So, I have to resist. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s hard.

3. Social Networks! They too can be a time suck. Social networking sites are for sure an excellent way to market your online business. However, you definitely need to place a time cap on it. Now, I’m confessing here; this has been an issue for me, and I have to be careful and mindful of my work from home employment tasks. At times, it’s important to be on Facebook or Twitter for a certain amount of time. Just be careful with your time and don’t let it suck you in. I have to keep an eye on client work and also my own writing. That’s essential to my business. Time is money!
4. Flashy, pretty stuff online! By that, I mean screen wallpaper backgrounds, blog themes, and whatever else I might see that catches my eye for the day. At times, a few of my days have been total washouts! I mean that literally. I have an eye for pretty things. They can for sure be a time waster for me. I realize this is not an issue for some, however, for me, I have to just say “NO!” I have to remind myself how precious time is for my business.

5. The phone! Well for me, that has never been an issue; as I’m not a phone person. Although, there are a (small) handful of people that call me, and I can’t be rude and say I don’t have time for them. I just consider these times as breaks. Lol! For other people that especially like to talk on the phone, it can be a major time suck. It may be ideal to simply let the machine pick up messages for the day.

6. Fear! Fear of failure (at times), has been a component that has stood in my way of doing certain projects that have been essential to my online success. I think everyone goes through certain fears in their business from time to time. As humans, we all fall short of confidence; it’s normal. Just DON’T let those times become a habit. Plunge forward with what you want in your home business. Don’t let fear enter your thoughts whatsoever, and stop you from being successful! Enough said on that one! ?

7. Shopping online! Yes, I’ve been there as well. Carve out a block of time for shopping; perhaps while watching your favorite television program, and after your business hours. Not while doing the (all important) home business chores. However, many people do get caught up in their own surfing sessions to shop while working. It’s ideal to set specific times for shopping online. Maybe first thing in the early morning hours would be a good solution so you don’t get sucked in during business hours.

Well, there you have it. 7 Major time suckers when it comes to working online. I hope these tips help with your home employment jobs and businesses.

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