4 Work At Home Passive Income Ideas – Excellent Online Opportunities

Most people desire to work at home, today more than ever with the US economy. Individuals lose their brick and mortar jobs, they start sniffing the net for anything that will earn them money while collecting their unemployment. Ahh, (if you can get away with that)?

For most legitimate opportunities online (giving that you make the quota to classify as taxable income), there are taxes to pay. For my income, I have to fork out quarterly chunks that I’ve learned to set back so much each week or month just for that purpose. Well yes, did you think you could get away with not paying taxes?

Taxes and all other disadvantages come with the work from home world, just like the R-E-A-L J-O-B-S – Outside the home. I’m just referring to what (most people) refer to as work from home. As (some) of my family and friends don’t think my job is a real job. Can I get an AMEN from all you work from homers out there??? I’m sure you can relate?!

Enough with small talk and my ramblings, (all though important), let’s get to the passive income ideas.

In case you’re wondering, (passive income) means any income that will continue to make you money online whether you are actually working or not…and that can keep you earning month after month, year after year. When focusing on passive income, it always takes work on your part to get it all set up and into place where you can keep benefiting from it. It will take time to get yourself set up to keep you earning money online consistently. No short cuts guys, hard work.

Affiliate Marketing – To create passive income with affiliate marketing, it is ideal to create a blog or website that will showcase the affiliate products you will be selling. To be at the peak of your success, you need to incorporate a large following with the social networks. Also, you will need to get in a good habit of writing good quality posts on your blog or site and reviews about those products.

To increase your success level, it is best to purchase these products yourself. You will create much better reviews and sales pages if you know them personally.

Selling eBooks – Many online entrepreneurs are catching onto the rise of success in selling eBooks. This type of income has widely increased on the web. If you’re a true professional in a specific niche that is also evergreen, you have a gold mine at your fingertips for generous income. You will need to write first-rate content that your target market will be keen enough to purchase your product.

Selling Ad Space – If you have a web page that has been around the block or two and also is highly indexed with the major search engines; you can generate good income with selling ad space. If you continue to keep your site indexed with high quality content, you will begin to see customers that will renew their ads with you continually. Selling ad space on your site is excellent for passive income.

However, after achieving this type of success, you can’t quit and call it done. If you forget about your website, the search engines will too. It is then that you will discover your customers decline on renewing their ads with you. Therefore, you will always need to be creating content on a daily basis to ensure that your customers will keep renewing their ad space.

Google Adsense – Things have changed dramatically with this type of income. To cut to the chase quickly, a few years ago it was very simple to get search engine-indexed traffic which made making money with Google Adsense easier as well. Today, not so much. There have been quite a few updates with Google algorithm. With Panda, Penguin and now the Hummingbird, SEO is less important.

Today, it’s crucial to keep in mind to consistently write for YOUR market and NOT for the search engines. This is the best method to Google Adsense income success. This has been a little confusing to some writers online today. However, if you keep up with Google and the other search engines, you will be more inclined to earn with Adsense. In addition, being active in social media will increase your web presence which will also increase your earnings.

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

Tammy has been successful in the work at home industry for 4 years now. She is an Internet marketer, article marketer, and ghostwriter. She offers free job leads for the job seeker, as well as other work at home resources, work at home articles, tips, and more at Work At Home Opportunities.

You can also find Tammy at her Grandparenting Tips blog, offering grandmother’s experiences, brags, recipes, tips, photos, and more.

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